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Includes 72 square cells (6 rows of 12) and fits nicely inside a standard tray.
$2.95 $2.50
Proven effective against the #1 cause of wormy apples. NO pesticides needed!
$9.95 $7.95
Provides sturdy support and will NOT leak -- perfect for bottom-watering applications.
$2.95 $1.95
A perfect fit when combined with standard 1020 trays and most humidity domes.
$2.50 $1.65
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Great selection, great prices, great

Great selection, great prices, great service!! I'll order again for sure
Neal B.

Wigglers were alive and well.

Wigglers were alive and well. Delivered on time. If need arises, I would not hesitate to purchase again.
Steve T.

I have not had a

I have not had a chance to use the products yet. I was drawn to your site and attempted to place an order but it did not seem to go through. To avoid a double charge I tried to call about 3 different times over the course of two days. I left two messages but no one returned my calls. After a few days it seemed like the order was not charged to I attempted a re-order. This time it went through and the order arrived in a timely manner. I did not receive a call from your store until about a week after I received my order. I am not displeased with my purchase I guess your just overwhelmed with orders. Thanks for giving me a voice.
David O.

Always prompt service and great

Always prompt service and great products!
Chris M.
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