Финляндия станет первой страной, которая отменит все школьные предметы

The education system in Finland is considered to be one of the best in the world. The ratings on the rating of education in this country is among the ten most prestigious. However, local authorities do not seek to rest on our laurels and decided to arrange a real revolution in the school system.
Officials want to cancel school subjects: there will be no lessons of physics, mathematics, literature, history and geography.

The head of the Department of education, Helsinki Marjo Kyllonen explains the changes: “There are schools that teach the old-fashioned way what was good in the early 1900’s. But the needs have now changed and we need to create something fit for the XXI century”.
Instead of separate subjects students will study events and phenomena in an interdisciplinary format. For example, the Second world war will be considered from the point of view of history, geography and mathematics. While in the study course “Working in cafe” the students will have a comprehensive knowledge about the English language, Economics and communication skills.

Such a system is introduced for high school students starting from 16 years. As planned, the student will have to choose what subject or phenomenon to study, based on perceptions about their need for life. Thus, teenagers will not have to undergo a full course in physics or chemistry and to ask the eternal questions: “I need this?” and “why do I teach it?”.
Also changing the traditional form of communication “teacher — student”. Students will not sit at their desks and anxious waiting, when they will be called to the blackboard. Instead will work together in small groups and discuss the problems.

The Finnish education system encourages teamwork, and because the changes will affect teachers. School reform will require greater interaction between teachers of different subjects. Approximately 70 % of teachers in Helsinki have already been trained on the new system of information presentation and get a raise.

Fully upgrade is planned for 2020.
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