Actor and comedian Kevin Hart touted his success and told his critics their hate “fuels” him after he made headlines earlier this week for an expletive-filled rant against cancel culture.

“I rarely talk s—- … but I felt the need to today,” Mr. Hart tweeted to his 37 million followers. “Stop believing these headlines and read the actual articles … you guys fall for the banana in the tail pipe trick every damn time.”

In an interview with the British Sunday Times over the weekend, Mr. Hart said he‘s not the comic he used to be because of his fear of backlash over his jokes.

“When did we get to a point where life was supposed to be perfect where people were supposed to operate perfectly all the time?” he asked.

He also called himself “talented as f—-” and said he‘s “really good” at what he does.

Critics ripped his comments as arrogant and mocked him for complaining about cancel culture when he is one of the most successful comedians in the country.

Mr. Hart said the criticism is what drives him.

“The ‘He’s not funny’ slander is the best … this is for you. I have 3 stand up comedy specials that fall in the top 10 highest grossing comedy specials of all time … 2 of my specials are in the top 3 of all time,” the comedian tweeted Tuesday. “I have been the highest grossing comedian in entertainment for years now … I have also been the highest grossing comedian in the box office with over 4 billion in earnings …”

“I have also turned my comedic talent into a place of business and branding and radio and other revenue streams … The hate/slander fuels me to do more,” he added. “You guys are what makes this business fun … because it’s not about getting to the top … it’s about doing your best to stay on top after you get there.”

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