"Майдан" в США: народ митингует, элиты готовятся

Protests in the United States do not stop. It all started with a simple rallies in different cities. Then started to happen clashes with law enforcement. In Los Angeles protesters even blocked traffic. Now protests against the election of the President of the United States Donald trump in Portland (Oregon) has outgrown in mass riots.

The police have already said that the behavior of the protesters became more aggressive and dangerous. The protesters armed with stones from the construction site. The trump accused the media of initiating protests. “Just passed a very open and successful presidential elections. And now the professional protesters, spurred on by the media, rally. Very unfair!”, – he wrote in his Twitter.

Somehow, just remember the color revolution scenario in the Square, when, in 2004, Yanukovych won, but immediately the protests began in Kiev. However, the US is still far Ukraine is not too big differences. On “independence” while in Washington, nobody says, but one question is still there: “Why society in the US are so aggressive?”. Historian and journalist Maxim Artemyev tried to answer this question for Noteru.com “Remember the action “Occupy wall Street”? So the current protests are in some ways a continuation of that move, which is expressed by radical youth groups. After the demonstration of discontent on wall Street they got a new reason – trump. By the way, you need to understand that most of them are not so much “for” Clinton, how many “vs” trump. Young people after the elections in the US there are “leaders”, promoted social media groups that was so wound up that now operate out of inertia. Beneficiaries of such protests I do not see. Serious players (Obama and Clinton) resigned to defeat. I do not think that the United States is threatening political instability. But if trump will start a policy that sharply polarizes society and will spoil relations with Congress, I can say that in the United States domestic political struggle will be strong.”

Donald trump, in fact, have not yet create anything to be for something to blame, it made a sensational statement, that is just said. But American society is that, apparently, is enough to go to protests from degenerating into riots. “Often in politics the words – this is the case. And trump said enough. The rhetoric of hate that he used, of course, hurts him. Tempers are high and one day they will not go out. It is not a gas burner that can be switched on and off at any time. If the protests do not subside before polling day electors who will actually elect the President, then maybe they affect some of them. Many do not like trump and some may vote against it, if you feel that a request for this in society is growing. However, in the history of America has never been such that such electors, who refused to follow the preferences of voters of their States, were enough to change the result of the will of the people. However, as we have seen, these elections are not ordinary. In the long term the protests it is unlikely that anything much will change. Of course, they will strengthen the spirit of the opponents trump in the elites, but I don’t think so, that they refused to listen to him. However, much will depend on further steps the new President. His actions in recent days are directed more to calm the situation and not to incite”, – shared his opinion of the political analyst Abbas Gallyamov.

Come in Washington before the “Maidan” or not, time will tell. However, political scientist Oleg Ignatov sure that the riots will calm down and everything will be solved by the political elite of the USA: “Disappointed by the victory of Bush Junior had had enough too. It is part of American political culture. The protests can continue, can subside. But it’s not a big deal. Elections have consequences and the political process will evolve in the White house and in Congress.”

If trump initially acted more secretly, that is not spoken out loud about all of their plans in domestic and foreign policy of the United States, such passions would not be. However, when he could not win.

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