Bokashi Bucket

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Bokashi Bucket Composter
Bokashi Bucket Composter

Be part of the solution – not the pollution! The All Seasons Bokashi Bucket uses beneficial bacteria to quickly ferment organic table scraps into a nutrient-rich soil enhancer in just 2-4 weeks. Works without unpleasant odors or attracting flies and can be stored neatly under the kitchen sink for easy access.

Each kit includes a 5-gallon collection pail w/ spigot, a 1-gallon bag of starter mix (2.2 lbs) and complete instructions. Color: tan.

• Recycles meat, bones, dairy and food scraps right in your kitchen!
• Air-tight lid ensures anaerobic fermentation, while controlling odors and flies
NO unpleasant smells & NO turning required!
• Produces a nutrient-rich liquid “tea” that plants love!
• Stores under kitchen sink for easy access
• Capacity: 5 gallons

Size: 10″ x 10″ x 16″ tall

Instruction Manual (PDF)

Grower’s Tip:
Kitchen garbage makes up almost 50% of household wastes. Help reduce landfill input and build your garden soil by recycling kitchen waste!