Цены на нефть будут расти? Прогноз Saudi Aramco на 2017 год

CEO of Saudi Aramco Nasser Amin believes that next year the price of “black gold” will rise. This is due to the restoration of balance in the commodities market.

According to the expert, to increase the cost of oil will be in the first half of 2017. Nasser also believes that the demand for raw materials will remain stable. Based on what this optimistic forecast, the head of Saudi Aramco said.

Nasser said that soon the state oil company of Saudi Arabia will begin to publish quarterly statements. Such a move will help the company attract investors who pay great attention to the transparency of statistics. No information about the current position of the company and its prospects, investment is a risky step.

The company’s shares are planned to be placed at the local exchange and on several foreign exchanges. The Saudis hope to sell a 5% stake. According to preliminary estimates, due to this, the government will be able to get a hundred billion dollars.

In addition, Nasser said that investing in commodities is still important. The transition to renewable energy will not happen fast. However, Saudi Arabia plans to gradually turn to “green” economy. The volume of gas production in this regard will be increased.

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