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Alexander Skobov: to answer today’s challenges, we need a very strong belief in human rights for all

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I did not comment on the presidential campaign in the United States not because I was embarrassed to talk about the internal Affairs of a foreign country. I consider myself a Euro-Atlantic world, feel him a patriot, I believe that his works touch me and I can participate in them. My silence is due to the fact that it was obvious to me nor anti-Putin opposition in Russia as a whole, nor, especially, that part of it, to which I count myself, will not be able to influence the opinions of American voters. And once again demonstrate the helplessness of not wanted.

To comment on the results is not so embarrassing. We suffered a heavy defeat. Putin clearly perceive the election results as a carte Blanche for further strengthening the Imperial revanchist expansion and strengthening of repression in the country. The intensification of openly totalitarian features of his regime. Putin has good reason.

Trump is not just an unpredictable populist. He is really ready to recognize in Putin a certain area exclusive Imperial interests, in which Putin will be free to do what you want. This is consistent with conservative values, suggesting social Darwinist view of the world: every man for himself and should not help the weakest. If the weak are not able to become strong yourself, let the will kneel before Putin.

Under this even more conservative, more right principle: everyone is free to flog their slaves. Don’t expect trump to be “harnessed” for human rights as Reagan. No matter how right conservative, neither was Ronald Reagan, he defended from the threat of totalitarianism of the global liberal project, Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt. In fact, he continued and developed the policy of Democrat Jimmy Carter, which laid the Foundation of U.S. global policies the protection of human rights.

Trump the draft rejects. And it’s not a cheap populist demagoguery. For him the world is still composed of empires, which is divided between vassals and clients. As well as for Putin. So they Putin are soul mates. Trump is really ready to negotiate with Putin on concepts. Egoistic interests and power are more important than legal norms, including international. So for the sake of understanding the concepts with Putin it is possible to recognize the annexation of Crimea. But then why can’t a zone of exclusive interests of the Kremlin, the former “Warsaw Pact”?

The failure of conservative concepts of world order is that any bandit section on the concepts of “spheres of influence” ends sooner or later the gangster as their conversion. When Putin, despite all the arrangements, got-taki in what he considers trump the vital interests of American corporations, it will be too late. To stop the Russian expansion will be possible only by a frontal military clash. The fact that Putin’s goal is not advanced their own “zone” with the towers, and the collapse of Western dominance in the world, the West does not reach neither to the right nor to the left.

Will survive if left without guaranteed us protection of Europe, the elite is hard to outbid the Kremlin of creating her at the same time, problems with support of the European far-right? Will not feel that it is better to give up? In any case, we face difficult times.

Us is for those who cherish Western civilization. The Euro-Atlantic world. Today it is under threat, and no one can predict how he will cope threat. And not to be lost, it is extremely important to once more speak for themselves than we care about the Euro-Atlantic world. What we want to protect.

Need a roll call of those for whom Western civilization roads in the first place its declared principle of “human rights for all”. Those for whom the Euro-Atlantic world is a global project. Despite all the excesses and the excesses of “positive discrimination”. Despite all the dangers posed by “repressive tolerance” and “totalitarian political correctness”.

Yes, will have to answer very difficult questions. Why the “moderate left” the Western establishment is mired in opportunism and very often did not follow their proclaimed principles? Why he was perceived as the protector of the interests of the oligarchic groups, to curb which always promised left? Why he was willing to negotiate with Putin on the concepts? Why the non-systemic left-wing failed to propose a clear and attractive alternative?

A lot of questions. And to answer them in today’s world, Putin, the trumps, etc., you need a very strong belief in human rights for all. Faith that can sacrifice a lot. Faith, giving strength. And we have to be strong. The weak have to bow to Putin.


Alexander Skobov

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  1. I’m part Russian and I don’t see the problem with good Russian USA relations the Russian people are some of the best people you will find

  2. As an American I think that people give you guys a bad rep the way I see it you guys and a lot of people where Im from would get along and if I could pick any country to visit it would be Russia

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