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My recent article “Without guilt parasites” became a cause for heated debate. After its publication, many readers have asked to cover a number of other points concerning such vital issues as job search and “the tax”. I want to note that I do not write from the position of “office plankton” who had never been, but from the perspective of simple people. A big part of my life was spent away from the big cities, and I don’t know what are the aspirations of ordinary people and what they need.

About the clan employment

There is a perception that good employment has become a family and clan affair. This belief is unfounded. In small cities and other localities it often happens. Good jobs are scarce, much less than applicants. So the competition is tough and it is not on equal terms. But still, you can’t be skeptical and think that you have no chance. He is always there…

On unnecessary jobs and poor education

It is absolutely illogical call that let everyone — from journalists to artists — go to work as porters and cleaners. Of course, not ashamed to work as a porter or a cleaner, if that’s the way life is, if you want to feed the family. But this egalitarianism is not an indicator of the state with a stable economy. All people have different abilities, skills and knowledge, and therefore not in any field, anyone can bring the maximum benefit to themselves, society and the economy. It is logical that we strive towards stability and progressive society in which every person should have the opportunity to realize their potential.

As for the “most useless professions”, in Russia there is really a plethora of many specialists. Especially a lot of accountants, economists and managers. And the problem is probably not in the people and their wrong choice, and that the education system fails. A number of commercial universities and their branches have turned education into the process of making money. The student receives a substandard education by paying a certain amount. Usually it’s the students who want a maximum of just making a minimum effort. If the universities would not be corrupt, higher education received by those who are really able to master high school and become a good specialist. While others would have mastered a profession corresponding to their abilities. But often the opposite is true — very capable children can’t go to College for lack of funds. In General, the problem lies in the irrational use of intellectual potential of the reserve of the people in the country. Because of this, and not the effectiveness of the economic indicators in many areas.

About problems of work in the village

In any average of the number of rural village in Russia the problem of unemployment exists. In some villages and hamlets work at all, in other areas provide small public companies. Such institutions are schools, kindergartens, medical offices and Houses of culture. But wages of public sector employees leaves much to be desired, so many people prefer to farm, earning his own land. Although this work is difficult and does not always justify its own expenses.

In addition to government agencies the job can give the individual entrepreneurs, owners of shops, saw mills and some small shops. But not every area has such a wealth of jobs.

In General, in my opinion, rural people — the most vulnerable part of the citizens of the country. She lives in the village full of certain difficulties, and peasant labor — a matter of black and ungrateful. Therefore, the villagers need special support from the state.

Those who ride on the “Gelandewagen”

What to do with those who are officially considered unemployed, but goes to the “Gelandewagen”, lives a hundred square meters in the capital and the rest abroad? That’s the question many readers. Such wealthy people in our country a lot. No wonder there is a perception that Russia is a country of the poor and oligarchs. But if the oligarch is official business, so it pays taxes. Another thing, if we are talking about the unemployed offspring. In this case, just place a luxury tax. The call for social justice, perhaps, is the cry of the soul-weary from the hardships of life of the people.

We can debate the issue of “tax on parasitism”, there are both supporters and opponents of the new law. In our country love to argue, and at all levels of government and in all groups of society, and the problem of unemployment, poor education, low salaries remains relevant. Remember the fable of Ivan Krylov “Swan, pike and cancer”. And things are there…

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